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All the mystery and false leads that co-writers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk orchestrated to veil the sixth season of American Horror Story appear to have paid off: viewers were most likely astonished to see the twists in the uncovering of the recent edition of the anthology series Wednesday night.

It looks as if the American Horror Story subtitle this season is “My Roanoke Nightmare.” The season kick-started by giving us its rendition of a schlock-TV true-crime narrative, in the manner of Forensic Files or Killer Kids. However, this schlock has an exceptional cast: Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr., Lily Rabe, Kathy Bates, and a couple other American Horror Story regulars distorted by being cemented in rural Virginia mud.

The season’s debut initiated with a “based on true events” disclaimer as Rabe and Holland confronted the camera to enlighten us about scary things that transpired when they purchased an old house in the forested areas, and we saw Paulson and Gooding playing Rabe and Holland in what were called “dramatic reenactments” of these occasions. Only for a few moments in light of the fact that the story, as well known as it appeared in outline form, was pleasantly disquieting.

Paulson and Rabe play Shelby, and Gooding and Holland play Matt, a couple who outbid some mean-looking poor white men for a questionable dream house amidst a forest. Wouldn’t you know it — Matt is a “traveling sales representative” who invests a lot of time away from home. Shelby is a stereotypical ambitious yoga practitioner who’s gluten-free and relies heavily on wine. She makes an excellent victim of slamming doors, illusions of people coasting through rooms, and a sudden hail storm that rains down human teeth. This was the premiere’s most chic, most repulsive touch.

As of now, the series looks assuring yet inhibiting: how many times can Roanoke slam a door and spook us?

Which makes me question that the writers have a bigger mythology to expose as the season unfolds. With all things considered, the house is very spacious; however, it is not sufficiently big enough to withhold other reputable American Horror Story veterans, like Lady Gaga, Denis O’Hare, and Cheyenne Jackson. It’s sure to say that this true-crime saga becomes more nonsensical and elaborate as the season progresses.