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   Bridge Builders Change is an intensive internship of 30 youth working toward sustainable social change in the Memphis area. Consisting of five different cohorts, Change works of several different areas affecting our youth today: Educational Justice (EDJ), Gender and Sexuality (GS), Memphis Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (MASHA), Youth and Police Relations (YAPR), and the Memphis Youth Union (MemYU).

   The cohort that I am in is the Memphis Youth Union. We consist of eight of the 30 interns and are working to promote youth voice and representation as well as to unify the youth and to give Memphis youth, especially marginalized groups, a platform to express themselves. We’re working for an entire year for our mission, but it doesn’t stop there. We want to create sustainable change to make sure that when we leave, the movement we’ve made thrives and prospers and continues to positively influence Memphis youth and the image we have.

   Youth are often left of the discussion, especially in ones that directly affect us. What MemYu is trying to do is to let adults know that our voice is valuable and necessary to create productive and positive results. We want to combat adultism, systematic discrimination against youth, in our community to reach youth and adult equity. We’ve been working the past month to finalize our focused goal for the year, and we can’t wait to share it with you all.


In order to reach our goal, we need YOU the youth and allies to help us move forward. Follow our social media platforms below to be updated on our progress and to support the MemYU movement.

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