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The New Student Media Organization
As student media organizations in Memphis are dissipating due to lack of funds, lack of faculty, and lack of experience, The Memphis Teen was created to be student run and self-sustaining.

The Memphis Teen’s mission is…
  • to provide a sustainable medium for student journalists across the city to express themselves
  • to provide a medium for student journalists with no other outlet
  • to provide a censorship-free platform for student journalists that are being censored by their schools or editors
  • to teach students from all backgrounds the journalistic process and their first amendment rights
  • to provide a student-run media outlet to all teens in the Memphis area
Student Journalists are increasingly learning how to adapt to the digital age. Graphic design, coding, social media, and website journalism are becoming some of the most important aspects of today’s media.
Writing and reporting are the backbone of journalistic outlets. Without them, media as we know it would not exist.
A picture says a thousand words. Photographers and videographers are an integral part of the journalistic process. They can provide unique viewpoints to a story and enhance the quality of the project.

The Memphis Teen is looking for dedicated student journalists with all types of skills and backgrounds in Shelby County 13-19 years old. To apply, click here. To learn more about the project, click here.