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LITE Memphis is an organization working to empower and motivate students to take their ideas and run with it. They want to see sustainable social change in Memphis and believe  students have the power to do just that.

   According to the website, the organization is a rigorous 6 month entrepreneurial program where students can launch their ideas for the community to make it a better place. LITE offers tailored scholarships and college counseling to help students leverage these experiences and match alumni with the LITE students for competitive internships while in college. Overall, the organization is working to help students transition from college into creating wealth in their communities with entrepreneurship. Students get the experience they need at an early age.

   LITE has very impressive results from their program from the community, students, and parents, and the media. There are several projects that are currently going on and can be accessed through the LITE Memphis page. I’ve spoken with Frankie Dakin, a board member of LITE, at my work at BRIDGES USA and you can feel the passion that he and the other LITE members have. They truly believe in this program and what it can offer.

   At my internship, there are two girls who have become accepted into the program and will start on their projects in the spring. I cannot wait to see what the girls can achieve through this empowering program. It’s a great way to bring positive change into your community and to make Memphis the best it can be.

LITE Memphis Website