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  Maroon 5 came to the FedEx Forum this last monday (12th), and they were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I’m pretty sure this show was meant to be a part of their tour for V, but to be honest it just felt like “Maroon 5.” They had perfect balance of songs from all five of their albums.

The pre-show started with R City, which is the band from St. Thomas who paired with Adam Levine to do “Locked Away.” They also wrote a bunch of the songs that have hit the Billboard 100, such as “Replay” and “We Can’t Stop,” among many others that I can’t remember (seriously look them up; they’ve done everything). Next Tove Lo (“Habits,” “Talking Body”) hit the stage. She sounded amazing, and performed all her hits as well as a few songs from her next hour. I have to applaud the timing on both pre-show participants, as they spent the perfect amount of time on stage.

The stage was then prepped for the titular band to play. Some kind of apparatus was rigged to the ceiling, which was later revealed to be a series of light panels that shifted shape and color based on the mood of the song and the location of the band. At times it became a “V” and others it became almost a spaceship looking structure.

The band promptly took stage and opened with “Moves Like Jagger,” and transitioned flawlessly into “This Love,” “Harder to Breathe,” “Locked Away,” “Misery,” “Love Somebody,” “Animals,” and “Maps,” in that order. What is incredible is how smooth and quick they transitioned from song to song. These first eight or so songs were right after each other, and somehow the band linked the ending and beginning chords to synchronize. It’s only after these songs that the band takes a break and thanks the audience, saying hello and all the things performers usually open with.

Then they went back to playing, and started again with “Sunday Morning.” After this, they continued with a ridiculously awesome series of solos from the guitars and drums. At this point all of them stop playing and have somewhat of a bro moment. To be honest, Adam Levine could have had his own career, but it’s clear here why they all stayed. After the heart to heart, they slide into “Payphone” and then “Daylight.” After this they played a brand new nameless song and created a “no phone zone” situation, in which the audience was encouraged to put their phones away. Then they played “She Will Be Loved” and “Sugar” After a few more heartfelt moments, they ended with a phenomenal Prince Tribute with “Let’s Go Crazy,” and left the stage.

I left before I saw any of the encore, but they reportedly came back twice. All while this was happening, I was worried about my AP Bio test, of which I did not receive a pleasant grade. Overall, this was definitely a concert to remember. I can’t wait for the next show.