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REACH Memphis: A program that helps prepare students and their families for unforgettable experiences

   What is REACH Memphis and what does it has to offer me? Do you know the answer to either of those questions? If not, you are in for a special treat.

   Reminiscing of my Freshman Year at Overton High, I remembered an important program that my CAPA Creative Writing teacher suggested I apply to because of how it has impacted her students’ lives. Unfortunately, I was too young to apply; however, now that I am a Sophomore, I was able to attend their interest meeting and apply for the program that will direct me on a path of success in high school and even after I graduate from college.

   REACH (Responsibility, Excellence, Accountability, Community, Honor) Memphis started its phenomenal work in 1969 when they began to work with prep schools and colleges across the United States to provide students in the Memphis public school system with summer educational experiences. REACH Memphis would not be what it is today without the vision Ms. Frances Dancy Hooks had for this non-profit organization and Jed Dreifus, who worked alongside Hooks. Ms. Margaret Ryan is currently the Executive Director over REACH Memphis who works alongside other members that pitch in to make the non-profit organization run smoothly.

   “What does it have to offer me?” This may still be the question that has been pestering you ever since you have read this article. REACH Memphis offers specific things for their students in their respective grade levels. For Sophomores, they will have the chance to prepare for their 2-6 week summer experience in either an academic or leadership development program at a college or prep school. Also, they will be matched with a REACH Memphis coach that will be with them throughout the program; even once they’ve graduated from the program. Juniors will attend workshops to strengthen their skills to make them prepared for college while narrowing down what colleges they will apply to. Juniors will also have the chance to participate in a second summer experience to get their academics at a higher level or to attend a skill- building internship. Additionally, a Senior Interview has to be completed. Lastly, Seniors can look forward to more workshops that will help them to finalize college applications and admission requirements before transitioning to college. After they have graduated, the students will keep in contact with REACH Memphis by sharing their experiences and meeting with their REACH Memphis coach.

The application deadline to apply to REACH Memphis ends on September 30, 2016 at 5:30 P.M.

The website to access their application or more information is