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   When I was little, I knew I was going to grow up and be a woman one day. I knew I wanted to achieve the job of my dreams and marry the person that made me happy and then have children, because that’s what every woman did right? As the years clocked by, I realized that saying you’re a girl meant more than your gender. As I overheard boys snickering over their opinion of ‘girls’ and then girls gossiping about the other ‘girls’ they knew and then the media shouting at you through your screen about body types and beauty; I realized that being a woman is something I had to deal with my entire life. Being a woman is when you are aware of the existing wage gaps, and that it took years for your gender to have a voice in government, and then men always have an opinion on what you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to make of this. Don’t get me wrong, I am ever so proud to be a woman however the way society perceives my gender is something that I cannot avoid.

      I believe that one of the main reasons for women always being put down is because of other women. I’m sick of seeing women “slut shame” other women or make little comments on everything from someone’s outfit to their political opinions. We need to empower each other and not try to knock each other down by a peg, or else it will seem acceptable for men to call us these things. I have been inspired by my role model to point out these issues in our world and demand a change. Lilly Singh, comedian, Youtuber and entrepreneur is an amazing woman who started the GirlLove campaign. GirlLove is about stopping the girl on girl hate and instead promotes girls to compliment one another and help each other out. After hearing about this, I reached out to some of my friends to ask them about who inspired them to be a strong and confident women. While many of them said that their mom served a great purpose in their life, all of the stories were different. Megan Liu says,”my mom always pushes me to do my best,” and once she informed her mom that she had lost her passion for piano,”I love how she didn’t make me do what I didn’t want to do.” Next, my friend Natalie Estes told me the story of her courageous mother who is currently battling Lupus, yet,”[she’s] never let this stop her… she’s never let sickness prevent her from being an awesome mom for my sister and I,” and she has began,”a nonprofit drive for diapers to help needy moms in downtown Memphis.” The fact that multiple girls I have talked to all look up to their mothers for different aspects, but are all connected in some way is beautiful. Together through kindness and strength women will always be bonded and will break new boundaries and stereotypes every single day to achieve the indescribable definition of femininity.