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The app that rebels against bullying.

Recently I’ve discovered that a little thing like judging others is something that everyone instantly does, whether it’s intentional or not. People will look at you and one word, one stereotype will pop up into their brain. This stereotype can determine how they will perceive you as a person, before you even introduce yourselves, and that’s pretty sickening. That’s why in today’s society, it isn’t too much of a shock for parents when their children arrive home in tears, claiming they’re being bullied. Just about every teenager today can think back to a time 

where they felt excluded from a group, or that they didn’t belong. When I think back to the years I suffered from being bullied, I think of the the anxiety I had about making friends, feeling like nobody really liked me. This can take you to a dark place that nobody wants to be in. However, a new app developed by a 16 year old girl from California can help students finally feel accepted.

About “Sit With Us”

After Natalie Hampton suffered from bullying and eating alone all of her seventh grade year,  she decided to create the app “Sit With Us”. The app helps students who are in search of someone to sit with in the bustling school cafeteria. The way it works is people sign up as “ambassadors”, which invites anyone to sit with their group. Then, the ambassadors can post “open lunch” events which notify their peers to com join the ambassadors’ table. According to Natalie, his app can be a social secret because “it’s very private… it’s through the phone. And you know you’re not going to be rejected once you get to the table.” This app will give easy access to teenagers in order to fight against the awful judgement that goes on in high school. So, download “Sit With Us” and host an open lunch at your school! You will save someone from all the pressure, make a new friend, and make your high school feel like a safer environment.