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   This past week was my fall break, so I had lots of time to get into the fall and Halloween spirit. One of the ways I was able to do this was by visiting the pumpkin patch at Cedar Hill Farm, which is located just 45 minutes outside of Memphis and can be easily found using a GPS or google maps. The pumpkin patch had several activities, including food stands and lots of ways to interact with the animals owned by the farm. They had different enclosures for each animal, which consisted of pigs, turkeys, goats, chickens, cows, ponies, and mules. They each had individual names labelled on the enclosures. The animals were very sweet and you could buy food from the stands for $2. It was absolutely wonderful. Cedar Hill Farm also makes their own cotton candy and kettle corn, which is available at the concession stands at reasonable prices. They had a place to purchase pumpkins, which were sold by the pound. In order to get to the actual pumpkin patch, we had to get on a trailer for a hayride. It was about a two minute drive to get to the patch, which had acres of pumpkins for anyone to pick out.. Little ones were allowed to get one pumpkin for free, and there was a pirate ship playground for the kids to play on. After we rode back from the pumpkin patch to the main area, I swung on a tire swing for nearly an hour and I’m pretty sure a bird pooped on me but that did not take away from this experience one bit and I would definitely go back.

   Other activities that I did not participate in were available during the night and not available to little kids, for these activities were more spooky than the ones available during the day. There was zombie paintball and a haunted hayride, which costed extra but was also extra lit! It also didn’t hurt that an awesome ice cream place was nearby, called Area 51 Ice Cream. I would definitely recommend their pumpkin spice ice cream and snickerdoodle cookies. Overall this place was beautiful and perfect for anyone ready for this fall season and cooler weather.