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Day in and day out

Walking through silent halls
Surrounded by blank space
And blank walls

I see them
They don’t see me

Just another girl being held
Down by concrete
This broken sidewalk called
Society trying to trap me within its

Putting a blindfold on my eyes so I’ll believe there lies of freedom and equality

Using manipulation
Rejecting my people’s emancipation
So they thought of segregation
Ignoring the proclamation
So now we have no participation
In what goes into our minds

And now we sit here and think
Where in the puzzle does these oddly shaped pieces fit?
The man says they don’t
He purposely chained us into the
Wrong box

Then told us
We play by his rules, or we don’t play at all
But see we were the rebellious pieces
Hands up, down shoot
Freedom for all, and justice for all

We’re going to paint these blank
Erupt in these silent halls
We see them, they will see us

No longer will we be controlled by
They will not reject our emancipation
Laundry will be the only segregation
We’re writing our own proclamation
No, we don’t want your participation

But we need your concentration
To watch
As we set our GPS
To a new destination
The Puzzle