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Being organized isn’t always easy for some people, but for me, my life kind of revolves around it. I like knowing what I need to do, when I need to do it, and how. Everything has its place and I have time to do the things that really matter. With being organized, it’s all about having a concrete system and being devoted to keeping it up. To make being organized a habit, create little tasks throughout the day that will maintain the system. Here are some tips and benefits for being organized.

1. It Saves Time

One benefit of being organized is that it saves time. Knowing where everything is and having a set system makes finding things a lot easier. If you’re ever in a rush, it significantly cuts down the time it would take to find that book you need for class or that wrapping paper for a gift for a party that you’re running late to. Don’t let disorganization creep up on you. An example would be to put your clothes away back into their place or in the laundry bin immediately after changing. Instead of spending 30 minutes to an hour folding clothes at the end of the week, just a few seconds a day can make a difference and leaves no clutter.

2. It Reduces Stress

Before I start any homework, I always have to have an organized room. Your environment has shown to affect your level of stress and anxiety, so having a messy, crowded room not only makes you less likely to want to work but also raises stress. Little things such as organizing files on your desk into separate folders, making your bed, or putting your clothes away back into your closet or dresser make the world of a difference.

3. You Will Have More Storage

One thing that I never realized was how much less space is taken away when you organize your belongings. My desk drawer used to be a mass of pens and paper and other school supplies, and it was often hard to even close the drawer so it was sometimes left hanging open. One day I decided to venture into the hole that was my desk and cleaned it completely and about half the drawer is unused after I organized and made places for my supplies.

4. You Will Be More Efficient

One way I stay organized is using Google Calendar and carrying an agenda in my purse. I always jot down dates and even make a hierarchy of things that need to be done. One method is to divide your tasks between small and large and then urgent and not urgent. Not only do I not miss assignments, but I know how to manage my time to get my tasks done efficiently and end up having more time to do the things I love in the long run. A productive day is a product of being on top of things.