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Ever since I started my plant based lifestyle the biggest thing that made me sad and hesitant in becoming vegan was giving up ice cream. Ice cream is my addiction; I can’t stop myself whenever I eat ice cream. So, when I found out about nice cream I was ecstatic. And, the best thing about it is it is a lot less in calories, ingredients, and guilt.


3 Ripe Bananas

½ Cup of Almond Milk

Chopped Nuts (Optional)

Chopped Oreos (Optional)

Sliced Strawberries (Optional)

1,) Sliced the 3 ripe bananas into thin slices. Once chopped, put the sliced bananas into a freezer bag and freeze for 3-4 hours or overnight (the colder, the better).

2.) Once completely frozen, place the slices into a food processor  and blend (a blender can be used but it may take a little longer, and use a spoon to stir the bananas while blending).

3.)  As the bananas are blending put the almond milk into the processor to make the process easier and smoother.

4.) After about 5 minutes in the food processor or until the mixture is completely creamy, take the ice cream out and place into a freezer safe container and proceed to put in your toppings into the ice cream and combine.

5.) You can either begin to indulge or place in the freezer for 30 minutes.