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   Yulin Kuang is an LA based filmmaker, director, and writer. As a female Asian American filmmaker myself, I related to her not only as a person but also the struggles that she’s faced in the field. Usually when one thinks of a content creator in the film production field, the first image most think of is a white male. Now there’s nothing wrong with that depiction, but it brings to light the fact that a female Asian American in that field is uncommon.

   Kuang discusses in a post on her Tumblr page (linked below) about being a minority and attempting to claw through the obstacles of a career that isn’t an easy one in the first place. Asian Americans are misrepresented in Hollywood and in the media in general, but Kuang is working to fight against those stereotypes in her work. An executive once told Kuang that she should not cast Asian Americans in her films in fear of being labeled as a director who only does “Asian” films, but Kuang refused. Asian American actors and actresses have just as much capability to tell multi-dimensional stories as any other person and shouldn’t be confined to the stereotypical roles that mainstream media confines them to.

   Despite these disadvantages, Kuang has been featured in many film festivals, online newspapers, and accredited websites such as Huffington Post, Sundance, Indiewire, Hypable, and has even had her work broadcasted on the CW, Lionsgate, and New Form Digital. Her YouTube channel has amassed almost 26,000 subscribers.

   What makes Kuang special is her way of storytelling. She takes the mundane and puts it in words and images in such a unique way that no one else would have ever thought of. Kuang specializes in “coming of age” type stories and puts a twist on how they’re usually depicted. I found her a few years ago as I was searching for other content creators on YouTube, and I still find myself amazed at her work.

   Whether or not you are female or Asian American or even a filmmaker yourself, Kuang’s work is not exclusive to those identities. Chances are that you can relate in some way to any of the stories she’s told regardless of who you are, and that’s the beauty of her work.


Kuang’s YouTube

Kuang’s Tumblr Post